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Cream for weight loss and increase of libido for women


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The cream, developed by the American company Trusted Nutrition, contains the male hormone testosterone. Originally, it was intended for women in climacteric, but it turned out to work very well in young women with low libido without any side effects.

The cream has been tested for four months on 260 women with low libido and low testosterone levels. At the end of the fourth month, clinical studies showed a large increase in the number of women's satisfactory contacts. In addition, part of the report also describes a significant reduction in subcutaneous fat in women using Testorex compared to placebo.

How it Works as Slimming Cream

Just one year after being released, TESTOREX + is a hit among women who want to lose weight in problematic areas such as the lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs.
If a man and a woman begin to lose weight together, it appears that the man loses weight faster and easier than the woman. For women, this is simply frustrating, and many of them quickly give up because they do not see quick results. It is a fact that women lose weight harder than men because women have 15 times less testosterone in their bodies.

With the slimming cream, you can choose which places in your body need a larger or lesser adjustment. You can focus on problematic areas such as the abdomen, hips and thighs.

Using of Testorex+ leads to much faster slimming, skin tightening and a better emotional state.

How Testosterone cream Works as Sex Stimulant for Women

In addition to the firming effect and reduction of subcutaneous fat, this cream helps women to get more pleasure from sex.

For women, orgasm is not so easily achievable - some female representatives feel the blissful feeling only when they are 40 years old. Testorex can make orgasm a reality for quite a lot of women. 
Orgasm is not an easy task, especially if you are a woman. Almost all men end up seamlessly, but women are not arranged on the same way.

Data from other studies show that most young women can not get to orgasm for quite some time after they have become sexually active. Moreover, when they get an orgasm for the first time, this happens differently:

47% of women get orgasm through masturbation

32% - through sexual contact

20% - by petting

1% - while they sleep

The slight intake of testosterone in the form of a cream will increase not only the desire for sex but also the female sensuality. The woman will be more able to enjoy sex and will be able to reach orgasm more easily.

How to use Testorex

When the aim is to reduce the circumference of the waist, hips or thighs, the dose is two pressures of the nebulizer. For example, with one click cream, spread the right waist part, with the second push spread on the left. The next day, smear your thighs. The next day, smear the upper back of the hands. In this way alternate the lubrication points!

Important: Do not apply the cream every day on the same place. It works cumulatively, so leave the cream for two days to absorb the skin and then repeat the desired place.

Important: The daily dose is two pressures that are applied in the morning! Do not exceed the daily dose, this will not speed up or increase the effect of the product.

The use of TESTOREX in doses described by the manufacturer is safe and effective for slimming, tightening and increasing libido.

The cream supplies the body with a small amount of testosterone and another substance that ensures that the hormone is retained in the skin and absorbed for 24 hours - similar to the way the sunscreen is retained on the skin.


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Cream for weight loss and increase of libido for women

Cream for weight loss and increase of libido for women

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