How To Eat Healthy For Slimming And Losing Weight

How To Eat Healthy For Slimming And Losing Weight

Eating healthy is not as difficult as it seems. To improve your nutrition, weight loss, to maintain your weight or just to stay healthy, you can make small steps every week. Through healthy eating will feel more alive, more healthier and lose weight.

Here are a few rules to get in shape and eat healthy!

Small changes in diet may be important to your health. Try to keep at least six of all guidelines for healthy eating.

Photo of a box of fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet.Take fruits and vegetables. To satiate hunger faster and not to overdo with eating, consume fruit before meals. Thus quickly raise blood sugar, this will occur feeling of satiety.
Aim for half plate to be with vegetables, such as tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, etc. The more variety, the more likely it is to get the necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber, which your body needs to stay healthy.

Healthy diet includes whole grain breads and cereals.Try to eat whole grains: An easy way to eat more whole grains is to move from plain bread to whole wheat.
Do not be fooled by labels in stores or rye bread. You must see with the naked eye that the bread has larger pieces of grains, if not, this is not your bread, it's probably colored! Also, you can insert in your diet oatmeal (breakfast), brown rice (for lunch) or a handful of raw nuts (when hungry).

Low fat dairy products are good for a healthy diet.Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk: Both have the same amount of calcium and other essential nutrients as whole milk, but fewer calories and less saturated fat. This will help you reduce calories without depriving yourself. Low fat milk makes an excellent addition to your diet plan to lose weight. Like other single food diet plans, it is easy to get started requiring less commitment and momentary push, which is why it considered one of the favored weight loss diets for women.

Healthy eating products rich in protein.Take pure protein foods: Choose foods rich in protein and low in fat. Your diet can include beef, chicken, eggs and especially fish. Fish is a good source of protein and contains many vitamins and minerals.
The goal is to eat at least two servings of fish a week, including a little oily fish. Oily fish contains omega-3 fatty acids can help prevent heart disease.

To eat healthy, we need to reduce the salt!Eat less salt: The salt is a prerequisite for fluid retention, swelling and cardiovascular problems! Three-quarters of the salt we eat is already in the food we buy, such as breakfast cereals, soups, breads and more. Eating too much salt can raise your blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are more likely to develop heart disease or suffer from stroke.
View the labels of food you buy to avoid excessive intake of salt. More than 1.5 grams of salt per 100g mean that the food has a high salt content. Adults and children over 11 should eat no more than 6 grams of salt a day. Younger children should receive even less.

Drink more water and you will lose weight.Drink water: You should drink about 1.6 to 2 liters of fluid each day to allow nutrients to be absorbed normally and can be disposed of toxins. This amount is in addition to the fluids we get from the food we eat. Try to drink more clean water and avoid sugary soft drinks and carbonated beverages that are high in added sugar and calories.
On warm days, the amount should be increased.

To reduce weight and to slimming you must stop sweets.Remove cookies and pasta, chocolate is difficult to stop completely! However, sweets increased release of the hormone of happiness!
The disadvantage is that the sweets contain fast and slow carbohydrates. This is a prerequisite in a given time to obtain prenatrupvane carbohydrates that can be used for energy, and consequently stored as fat. Sweet snacking can only breakfast!


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