Alcohol makes us fat - calories in alcohol!

Alcohol makes us fat - calories in alcohol!

Alcohol is caloric and because of it we can easily become fat or to ruin our figure!
You should know that a standard glass of wine can contain as many calories as a piece of chocolate and a pint of beer has about the same amount of calories in a packet of crisps? Drinking five pints a week adds up 44,200kkal more per year, which is equivalent to eating 221 donuts.

Many people add extra calories to that of alcohol through crisps, nuts or pork cracklings. A heavy drinking are often followed by unhealthy breakfast to help her to cope with a hangover. Accordingly, this also affects our figure.

Regular consumption of alcohol can have a noticeable impact on your waistline and cause more serious health problems.

Many women do not realize that two large glasses of white wine not only puts them over the recommended daily limit for regular consumption of alcohol, but also provides them with nearly 20% of their recommended daily calorie intake of about 370 calories total.

Most people who want to lose weight or maintain your weight, would not eaten a full glass of cream, but not to think about the calorie content in a couple of beers. But the amount of calories is similar over time excessive alcohol intake can easily contribute to weight gain and obesity.

Alcoholic beverages, wine, beer, cider and all our favorite drinks are made from starch and sugar. Fermentation and distillation is used to obtain the alcohol content. This helps to explain why alcohol contain many calories - seven calories per gram, in fact, almost as much as a gram of fat. And of course, extra calories can be taken with beverages that we drink along with alcohol.


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